Hong Kong may drop plans for ‘fake news’ law

Hong Kong government may turn away from enacting ‘fake news’ legislation and focus on its own security law.

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Back in 2021, the Hong Kong government raised plans to legislate fake news and false information. However, Chief Executive John Lee has suggested that it may drop plans for a ‘fake news’ law.

The city’s leader said in an interview with Sing Tao newspaper that the government’s priority was to pass the city’s security law rather than enact ‘fake news’ legislation. In accordance with Hong Kong being a free society, he noted that if it is not necessary to legislate, then it’s best not to do so. The government would not have to introduce fake news legislation if the problem were manageable through self-discipline and industry ethics.

Critics have noted that press freedom has already been eroded, and a fake news law would further worsen the problem. Hong Kong’s international press freedom index has significantly decreased since China imposed a national security law on the city in June 2020.