Hackers infiltrate Chile's ATM network

9 Jan 2019

Redbanc, the company that connects the ATM network of Chilean banks, disclosed that it was infiltrated by hackers sometime in December 2018. As reported by trendTIC, the source of the hack was a LinkedIn ad for a developer position in another company, to which a Redbanc employee applied. The hackers then conducted a Skype interview in Spanish with said employee, during which the employee was instructed to download a file named ApplicationPDF.exe, to supposedly generate an application form in pdf. The malware in the file, undetected by the antivirus installed on the computer, collected information about the Redbanc employee’s work computer, giving hackers the option of delivering a more intrusive script through the same computer at a later time. ZDNet pointed out that the malware used in this hack has been connected to Lazarus Group (or Hidden Cobra) in the past.

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