Hackers claim data of 200000 Facebook Marketplace users exposed

The data was allegedly obtained in October 2023.

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A Hacker on Breach Forums, an illicit marketplace, has leaked private personal information records allegedly stolen from Facebook Marketplace. It is alleged that this data was obtained in October 2023 by a cybercriminal, ‘algoatson’, on Discord, who breached a contractor managing Facebook’s cloud services and stole its partial user database of 200,000 entries.

This data was shared by another cybercriminal referred to as ‘IntelBroker,’ who claimed that data contained information such as full names, hashed passwords, links to profile pictures, Facebook IDs, emails, phone numbers, languages, average rating, number of ratings, reviews, and profile settings.

This database was made public on 11 February and comprises 24,127 email addresses with other compromised data. However, Meta has not commented on this incident.

Why does it matter?

In 2022, 533 million Facebook user’s data was leaked, and in the past, it has been criticised for allowing third parties such as Cambridge Analytica to collect or scrape its user data.

The leak of users’ private personal data may have a long-lasting effect on their lives. Therefore, it is critical that users are vigilant and take care of their cyber hygiene.