Guam receives $383,586 FCC grant to advance digital inclusion

The grant, announced in August 2023, aims to expand outreach to eligible low-income households, aligning with the ACP’s mission of providing affordable internet services.

US map with binar codes

The US territory of Guam has received a $383,586 grant from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to boost its Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and advance digital inclusion. This grant, announced in August 2023, will be used to expand outreach to low-income households eligible for the program. The ACP aligns with a broader legislative agenda, aiming to offer economical internet services with discounts of up to $30 on monthly fees and up to $100 on device purchases. This funding underscores Guam’s dedication to narrowing the digital gap and ensuring fair access to crucial online resources.

Why does it matter?

The grant could help Guam in closing the technology gap and ensuring equal access to online services. It focuses on enrolling more households in the ACP without affordable internet, showing dedication to inclusivity. The ACP’s eligibility covers various income levels, highlighting its accessibility. By allocating this grant, Guam emphasizes its commitment to providing essential online resources for underserved communities, promoting digital inclusiveness.