GSMA publishes two new reports on mobile money interoperability

The first report which looks at the technical infrastructures for mobile money is entitled ‘Many paths to mobile money interoperability: Selecting the right technical model for your market.’ It explores four technical models for interoperability in mobile money markets: the bilateral model, aggregator model, mobile money hub model, and the global payments hub model. If further identifies a framework for selecting the right one.

The second report which elaborates more on case studies is entitled ‘Tracking the journey to mobile money interoperability: Emerging evidence from six markets: Tanzania, Pakistan, Madagascar, Ghana, Jordan and Uganda.’ It focuses largely on mobile money integrations between mobile money providers and offers insights on the experiences of these markets, which are at different stages of an interoperability process. While some have relatively mature account-to-account (A2A) interoperability solutions, others are just entering their implementation phase. As different approaches to interoperability are attracting more attention, the report clarifies some topics of importance as they relate to interoperability, such as financial inclusion, competition, and agent interoperability.