GSMA explores the digital dividends in plastic recycling in low and middle-income countries

GSMA released a report that examines the benefits that plastics organisations in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) currently reap, or could eventually reap, when using digital tools or services or partnering with technology organisations, i.e.  mobile network operators (MNOs). The report identifies some opportunities that promote potential synergies between plastics and technology organisations to collaborate and achieve environmental, social, and commercial impact. It further contends the substantial role digital technologies, such as mobile apps, mobile payments, artificial intelligence (AI) and connected devices, play in improving citizen engagement in recycling  activities, guiding operational efficiencies, and increasing transparency in the plastics supply chain. The case studies, Mr. Green Africa (Kenya), Banyan Nation (India) and Econet’s Clean City Africa (Zimbabwe), demonstrate that digital technology can help scale plastic recycling efforts in ways that support livelihoods and digital inclusion, and create value for all actors in the plastics supply chain.