GSMA and Reliance Jio partner up for Connected Women Initiative to promote digital literacy

The GSMA and the Reliance Jio partnered up for the ‘Connected Women Initiative’ to work on promotion of digital literacy among women in India, primarily in rural areas, who so far did not have an opportunity to discover the benefits of technology. In their press release Jio emphasised the importance of working on ‘empowering more women with increased access to, and use of, life-enhancing digital services’. Isha Ambani, Reliance Jio Infocomm director, said that with the rapid development and growth of mobile and Internet technologies there are many opportunities to empower women and transform their lives with the access to information and education. This would also help women’s employment opportunities and their financial independence. The statement also notes the fact that India’s smartphone, the JioPhone, is a big step towards digital inclusion as it brings ‘several first-time mobile users in the fold of digital life’. The smartphone is made available for 7 USD, and unlimited voice and data services for less than 1 USD a month. The core objective of the initiative is to bridge the gender digital gap by improving digital literacy through awareness among women.