Growing concerns: Australian organisations worried about security Implications of 5G technology

Thales Data Threat Report reveals increasing concerns among Australian organisations about 5G network security threats, emphasising the need for heightened cybersecurity measures and proactive strategies.

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According to a recent Thales Data Threat Report, Australian organizations are increasingly worried about the security implications of 5G technology, with 75% of IT professionals expressing concerns about 5G network security threats and 72% worried about data security on the network.

The report also highlights that over a third (36%) of Australian organizations experienced data breaches in the past year, and 43% reported a surge in ransomware attacks. Although 51% have a formal ransomware plan, 24% admit to paying ransoms, and 17% fear the disclosure of sensitive information due to double extortion ransomware. The report underscores the need for increased cybersecurity measures and proactive strategies to combat the expanding threats, particularly in light of the imminent deployment of 5G technology.