Government of Kenya plans a national digital master plan to revolutionise ICT

The Kenyan Ministry of ICT, Youth Affairs and Innovation released a national digital master plan that centers around technology to develop the economy, achieve vision 2030 targets, and create massive wealth and millions of jobs. The Kenya National Digital Masterplan 2020-2030 hinges on four pillars of digital infrastructure, digital services and data management, digital skills and digital innovation, and enterprise and digital business. Through four pillars, the government aims to connect all the unserved and underserved areas with information and communication technology (ICT), provisioning and management of e-Government services to enhance efficiency, developing a digitally skilled workforce with ethical practices, and academia and industry players’ collaboration in finding sustainable digital solutions. The master plan is projected to create six ICT flagship digital infrastructure projects by 2030 through the construction of 100,000 km of national fiber optic connectivity network and other technologies. It also entails the establishment of a government digitisation Centre and platforms to digitalise and automate 500 million government records annually, which translates to 5 billion records by 2030.