Google to provide consumers with more transparent information to comply with EU rules

Google is making changes to provide consumers with more transparent information on purchases through its various platforms to adhere to EU regulations. This commitment arises from collaboration with European regulators aiming to enhance consumer protection. Adjustments include clearer pricing details, restrictions on order cancellations and price changes, improved seller information visibility, expanded payment options, and better adherence to geo-blocking rules for app downloads. The Consumer Protection Cooperation Network will oversee the implementation, with national authorities enforcing compliance.

Google has committed to introducing changes to better inform consumers about their purchases via Google Store, Google Play Store, Google Hotels, and Google Flights, as a way to comply with relevant consumer protection rules in the EU. The commitment results from a joint action by European regulators, led by the Nederlands Authority for Consumer & Market and the Belgian Competition Authority.

The policy changes that Google has committed to include:

• more precise information on final prices on Google Hotels and Google Flights;
• limitation of Google’s right to unilaterally cancel orders or change prices in the Google Store;
• more accessible report for regulators regarding illegal content;
• make it easier to consumers to find out information about sellers in Google Store and Google Play Store;
• feature the option to make purchases using all EU payment methods in Google Store;
• improve the application of geo-blocking rules enabling consumers to download their apps anywhere in the EU.

The Consumer Protection Cooperation Network (CPC) will monitor the implementation of these adjustments and commitments, while the EU national authorities will track and enforce compliance where concerns remain.