Google to lay off approximately 100 employees in cloud unit

The decision comes after previous job cuts in April and January, reflecting wider economic uncertainty in the tech and media industry.

Buisinessman holding google logo

Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet, reportedly plans to lay off around 100 employees from several teams in its cloud unit. The affected roles include those in sales, operations, engineering, consulting, and ‘go to market’ strategy. The information citing internal correspondence as the source was provided in the report.

A spokesperson for Google stated that the company is constantly evolving its business to align with customer priorities and to capitalise on significant opportunities. They emphasised Google’s commitment to investing in critical areas that are necessary for long-term success.

Why does it matter?

These layoffs are part of the company’s ongoing efforts to cut costs. In April, Google implemented unspecified staff reductions across various teams. The management move was followed by hundreds of layoffs in January, reflecting a broader trend of job cuts in the tech and media industry due to economic uncertainty.