Google is looking to test 20 Gig Internet service

Google is looking to partner with a handful of organisations to help test its 20 Gig symmetrical Internet service in the United States.

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Google is looking to test its high bandwidth (20 Gig) symmetrical Internet service. The company has been testing the service since at least late last year. Businesses, educational institutions, and non-profits in Austin, Salt Lake City, Huntsville, and Raleigh-Durham are invited to sign up for consideration.

Nick Saporito, head of multi-gig & commercial product at Google, said they are only looking for eight additional partners so space is limited. Ideal candidates include those that are already downloading and uploading massive data sets, those conducting research that commands loads of bandwidth, or organisations working on future-focused tech that Google hasn’t even yet considered but needs lots of throughput.

To demonstrate the speeds of the 20 Gig service, Nick Saporito shared a screenshot of a speed test conducted at his house in Kansas City highlighting his connection’s throughput. Google has also been working with the University of Missouri – Kansas City on the project.