Google hires former Brazilian president to lobby against the Fake News Bill

In a strategic move to shape the outcome of the proposed Fake News bill, Google has tapped Michel Temer, the former president of Brazil, to join their lobbying efforts.

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Google has hired Michel Temer, the former president of Brazil, to lobby lawmakers who are considering a bill to regulate the internet. The proposed legislation, also known as the Fake News Bill, would require internet companies, search engines, and social messaging services to identify and report illegal content and impose significant fines for non-compliance. 

Tech companies have expressed concerns about the bill and have launched campaigns to oppose it. Previously, Brazil’s top court ordered an investigation into executives at Google and Telegram who criticised the proposed regulation. 

According to his adviser, Temer has been working as a mediator between Google and lawmakers for about three weeks. While Temer denied speaking with judges from the top court, he reportedly met with a lawmaker responsible for the internet legislation. Brazil’s Supreme Court is expected to rule on two appeals that could make the internet legislation more flexible. 

Google said it hires specialised agencies and consultants to facilitate dialogue with public authorities, particularly on important and technical matters like developing new legislation.