Google fined with 4.34 billion EUR for abuse of dominance

EU Commission fined Google with 4.34 billion of EUR for the abuse of dominant position in regard of its Android system. Google has required  android device manufacturers and network operators to ensure that traffic on these devices goes through google search engine. Google has a dominant position on internet search market in EEA, around 90% of the market and as such has conducted three practices that presented abuse of dominance: illegal tying of google search and browsers app, Illegal payments conditional on exclusive pre-installation of google search and Illegal obstruction of development and distribution of competing android operating systems. On this manner Google strengthen its dominant position and prevented competing companies to enter this market, which lead to obstruction in creating Android forks. Google has 90 day to change this kind of practice or it can be penalized even more. In addition according to new antitrust damages directive  Google may face civil claims for damages by any person of business affected by this kind of this anti-competitive behaviour.