Google establishes the first Asia-Pacific cyber defence hub in Tokyo

The hub will serve as a research centre for developing countermeasures against cyberattacks and a training base for regional cyber defence experts, responding to growing concerns about cyber threats from China.

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Google has inaugurated its Asia-Pacific cyber defence hub in Tokyo, reflecting heightened regional concerns regarding cybersecurity threats, particularly from China. The hub within Google’s Roppongi office aims to facilitate collaborative research on cybersecurity measures, sharing critical information with government officials, businesses, and universities in Japan.

The hub will serve as a training centre for cyber defence experts in the Asia-Pacific region since Google plans to involve engineers from India, Australia, South Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asian countries in joint research efforts to combat cyberattacks, with the initiative not seeking any financial compensation.

Why does it matter?

Establishing this cyber defence hub aligns with the escalating global concerns surrounding unauthorised access to government and corporate networks, emphasising the need for strengthened cybersecurity measures.

Google’s proactive approach reflects its commitment to fostering collaboration among experts and entities in the Asia-Pacific region to enhance cyber defences collectively. The tech giant’s initiative aims to leverage the expertise of Japanese research institutes and engage professionals from various countries in the joint research effort, signalling a united front against cyber threats.