Google embraces AI by introducing it to its search engine

The search engine giant is gearing up for an AI makeover, integrating advanced artificial intelligence into its search engine to enhance user experience. With the successful testing of their own conversational chatbot, Bard, Google is ready to take the next step and infuse AI into their iconic search engine. This transition marks a significant milestone in Google’s quest to stay at the cutting edge of technology while ensuring reliable search results.

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Google has announced plans to integrate more advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology into its search engine. This move comes after Microsoft’s Bing search engine recently started incorporating technology similar to the AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT. Google has been testing its own chatbot, Bard, which is based on generative AI, and has now made it available to users worldwide.

The integration of AI into Google’s search engine will be a cautious process, as the company aims to balance innovation with the delivery of reliable search results. Google plans to incorporate generative AI into search results through a newly formed search lab, and selected users in the US can join a waitlist to participate in testing. To maintain credibility, the AI-generated search results will be clearly labeled as experimental, and Google will ensure that AI does not respond to sensitive questions about health and finance, instead directing users to authoritative sources.