Google completes giant 3,900 mile undersea internet cable project connecting New York, the UK and Spain

Google’s Grace Hopper cable, first announced in July 2020 is expected to deliver up to 350 terabytes of data per second.This 3,900-mile Grace Hopper cable originates in New York with landing points in the UK and Spain. Google completed the Grace Hopper subsea internet cable installation after a landing in Bilbao, Spain in early September and the final landing on Tuesday in Bude, Cornwall in the UK. Google has said the cable which is due to come online in 2022 would use a new technique called “fiber switching,” intended to make web traffic more reliable even with outages. The Grace Hopper cable project follows the Dunant cable announced in February connecting the US with France. Google has also partnered with Facebook to build a new cable “Apricot” that is expected to come online in 2024 and will link six Asian countries via 7,456 miles of cable. Google also in June announced plans for a new cable “Firmina” connecting the US West Coast with Argentina.