Google to build 3 new submarine cables for its cloud business

16 Jan 2018

Alphabet-owned Google is planning to build three submarine cables in 2019 to expand its cloud computing infrastructure. The first, called the Curie cable, will connect Los Angeles to Chile; the second cable, Havfrue, built in partnership with Facebook, will link U.S. to Denmark and Ireland; the third cable, for the Pacific region, will run from Hong Kong to Guam.  With these three connections, Google now has direct investment in 11 cable systems. The work on these three undersea cables should be completed in 2019. While the Havfrue and HK-G cables will be built by joint consortia, the Curie link will be Google’s solo endeavour. ‘With Curie, we become the first major non-telecom company to build a private intercontinental cable‘, informs Google.


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The telecommunications infrastructure is a physical medium through which all Internet traffic flows.

Cloud computing could be described as the shift from storing data on hard disks on our computers to servers in the clouds (i.e., huge server farms). Cloud computing offers ubiquitous access to all our data and services from any device anywhere around the world (where there is Internet connection).


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