Google accused by Jobindex over alleged copyright violation

Danish job portal Jobindex filed a lawsuit against Google, alleging copyright violations for copying their ads without permission. Jobindex seeks fair competition, while Google highlights accessibility to its job function for all providers.

 Light, Neon, Tape

The Danish online job search portal Jobindex filed a lawsuit against Google over alleged copyright violation. Namely, Jobindex claims that Google copied Jobindex’s ads to its service without their permission. Jobindex Chief Executive Kaare Danielsen claimed that they are willing to compete with Google but on fair grounds without Google offering products that do not belong to them. At the same time, Google argued that Jobindex had not used Google’s tools to flag copyright-infringing content while emphasizing that any job provider, regardless of their size, can participate in the Jobs function of Google.

Why does it matter?

This is the first lawsuit in Danish courts under the new the EU copyright rules on platforms’ liability for content uploaded to their services. Additionally, Jobindex filed a lawsuit in 2022 claiming that Google allegedly unfairly favored its job-search service, where the EU antitrust regulators are yet to take action.