Global Hub launched to eradicate women’s digital financial exclusion and accelerate women’s business ownership

The Women’s World Banking and the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) launched the Women’s Digital Financial Inclusion (WDFI) Advocacy Hub which is a new global coalition to catalyse collective action to promote women’s digital financial inclusion. The WDFI aims to close the gender gap in access to digital technology, skills, and digital financial products for women entrepreneurs, particularly in developing countries. In this vein, the WDFI Advocacy Hub has two interconnected components: 1) local coalitions in Indonesia and Ethiopia composed of civil society, public and private sector to advocate for priority women’s digital financial inclusion issues in their markets, and 2) the Global Advocacy Hub which will drive coordinated, global advocacy. ‘Three quarters of a billion women around the world are excluded from the formal financial system. Imagine the possibilities if those women had equal access to technology, skills, and financial services. The WDFI Advocacy Hub is a groundbreaking global collaboration that will make those possibilities a reality and close the financial inclusion gap,’ said Women’s World Banking President and CEO Mary Ellen Iskenderian.