Girl commits suicide over social media blackmailing

25 May 2019

The media reports a girl in Badin, Pakistan, has committed suicide because of a social media blackmailing she was experiencing. In a letter she left, she admitted being blackmailed by a ‘boy and his friends over edited pictures’ which they sent to her fiancé, which resulted with their engagement being called off. She also gave Rs50,000 to people who were blackmailing her. Police is searching for suspects. Digital Rights Foundation from Pakistan, released a report in May 2017 which shows that 40 % of women in the country face various forms of harassment on the Internet.

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Women's rights online address online aspects of traditional women rights with respect to discrimination in the exercise of rights, the right to hold office, the right to equal pay and the right to education. Women represent more than half of the world’s population, yet their participation in technology-mediated processes is an area where progress is still needed.


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