GGE on LAWS concludes 2022 work

The GGE on LAWS concluded its 2022 work adopting a report emphasizing that every wrongful act involving lethal autonomous weapons systems triggers international responsibility. The report underlines compliance with international humanitarian law and discussed proposals like legally binding instruments, non-binding instruments, and clarifying existing obligations under international law. The group was recommended to continue its work.

The Group of Governmental Experts related to emerging technologies in the area of lethal autonomous weapons systems (GGE on LAWS) concluded its 2022 work with the adoption of a report. Among other elements, the report highlights that ‘every internationally wrongful act of a State, including those potentially involving weapons systems based on emerging technologies in the area of LAWS entails international responsibility of that State, in accordance with international law. In addition, States must comply with international humanitarian law. Humans responsible for the planning and conducting of attacks must comply with international humanitarian law.’ 

As with previous groups, the GGE discussions possible measures and other options related to the normative and operational framework on emerging technologies in the area of LAWS. In this regard, delegations presented and discussed several proposals including: legally binding instruments under the framework of the CCW; a non-legally binding instrument; clarity on the implementation of existing obligations under international law, in particular international humanitarian law; an option that prohibits and regulates on the basis of international humanitarian law; and the option that no further legal measures are needed 

The report also included a recommendation for the group to continue its work.