Getty Images seeks injunction to protect copyright against Stability AI

Getty Images files for an injunction against Stability AI, accusing the AI company of copyright infringement by using Getty’s images to train its Stable Diffusion. Getty Images seeks a court order for the handover or destruction of the Stable Diffusion that may infringe intellectual property rights.

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The visual media company and supplier of stock images, Getty Images, has requested an injunction from the High Court of London to prevent an AI company, Stability AI, from offering its AI image-generation system for its own profit in Britain.

According to the court filing submitted in May 2023, Getty Images accused Stability AI of breaching its copyright by using its images to train its AI-based system, Stable Diffusion. Stable Diffusion generates images from text inputs released in 2022, along with the image generator, DreamStudio.

Although Stability AI has not yet responded to Getty Images’ case, it submitted a motion last month to dismiss Getty Images’ separate US lawsuit. Getty Images asked the court ‘to order Stability AI to hand over or destroy all versions of Stable Diffusion that may infringe Getty Image’s intellectual property rights.’