Germany’s ambitious AI action plan aims to challenge US and China dominance

Germany unveils a bold plan to boost AI development and compete globally with the US and China. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has committed €1.6 billion to support 70 initiatives for research, skills, and infrastructure.

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Germany has introduced an AI action plan with the objective of elevating AI advancement both on a national and European scale, with the aim of competing with the predominant AI forces of the United States and China. This plan, presented by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, delineates 12 primary areas of action, with a particular emphasis on strengthening the AI value chain and promoting collaboration among education, science, and research. To support this endeavor, the ministry has pledged an investment of €1.6 billion in AI over the current government’s term.

This financial commitment will underpin 50 ongoing initiatives concentrated on research, skills development, and infrastructure, in addition to introducing 20 more AI projects. Germany acknowledges the significance of European cooperation in the field of AI and intends to reinforce it through a high-level AI workshop scheduled for January 2024 in Brussels.

Why does this matter?

Despite criticism from certain quarters in the private sector, the AI action plan signifies a noteworthy step in bolstering Germany’s position within the global AI landscape. While Germany’s burgeoning AI ecosystem and startup landscape exhibit potential, there remains a requirement for more economic achievements and a higher rate of AI adoption in German businesses.