Germany embraces Worldcoin’s AI proof of personhood (PoP) technology

Germany embraces Worldcoin’s World App with the aim to create an iris code for all adult persons in the country.

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Worldcoin, a digital Identity and financial services cryptosystem co-founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, is being rolled out in Germany. The technology was developed not as a verification tool but rather as a way to confirm that end users are human. The company now uses Europe’s largest economy to officially launch its sign-ups for its World ID credential and crypto wallet.

The digital ID platform uses a physical imaging device called the Orb to register users across the globe. In exchange for signing up, subscribers receive a portion of the company’s Worldcoin crypto, which can be traded for real money. Since the launch of its World App in May, 1.93 million users have registered and now possess a verified iris code on the platform. Germans will be able to access the Orb at a number of specified locations across Berlin. These locations are revealed on the company’s social media page or after downloading the app.

OpenAI CEO and Worldcoin’s parent company, Tools of Humanity, said they intend to create an anonymised digital identity system for every person born on Earth using iris scans conducted via the Orb. There is also evidence that investors are increasingly flocking to the project.