Gaia-X group publishes data exchange service specifications

The Gaia-X group has released specifications for data exchange services to facilitate data sharing within Gaia-X, aiming for trust, interoperability, discoverability, and traceability in the data economy.

The Working Group Data Exchange Services within Gaia-X has published specifications for data exchange services. The specifications, aimed to facilitate the exchange of data within Gaia-X, define the vocabulary for data exchange, set the definition of data exchange services, and outline conceptual and operational models, as well as policies and ontologies for data exchange to deliver trust, interoperability, discoverability, and traceability to the data economy.

Gaia-X is an European initiative which brings together the private sector, the scientific community, and policymakers to develop an ‘pen, transparent, and secure federated digital ecosystem, where data and services respond to common rules and can be and securely built, collated, and shared’. The Data Exchange Working Group is dedicated to creating a common understanding on how the infrastructure ecosystem and the data ecosystem connect to each other based on the Gaia-X Trust Framework.