G7 leaders agree on a common vision for the future of AI

At the G7 Summit held in early June in Charlevoix, Canada, G7 leaders endorsed a ‘Common vision for the future of artificial intelligence (AI)‘, recognising, among others, that ‘a human-centric approach to AI has the potential to introduce new sources of economic growth, bring significant benefits to our societies and help address some of our most pressing challenges’. The vision outlines several commitments that G7 leaders take, such as (1) promoting human-centric AI and advancing appropriate technical, ethical and technologically neutral approaches; (2) fostering investment in research and development in AI that generates public trust; (3) supporting lifelong learning, education, training and reskilling; (4) promoting active labour market policies, workforce development, and reskilling programmes; (5) facilitating multistakeholder dialogue on how to advance AI to increase trust and adoption; (6) encouraging initiatives to improve digital security in AI and developing technologies; and (7) ensuring AI design and implementation respect privacy and data protection frameworks.