G20 agrees education is to develop life, academic, technical and vocational skills to make learners future-ready

G20 Education Working Group outlines the way forward for global education.

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G20 Ministers of Education have surmised the major outcomes of education to be: the capacity development of teachers, a critical enabler of human dignity, a facilitator of empowerment globally, an avenue for recognising the role of green transition and acknowledging the benefits of digital transformation. Women empowerment and sustainable development were also highlighted as education outcome imperatives.

At a four-day conference in Chennai, the G20 Education Working Group also underscored five priority areas to be addressed by the modern global education community: ‘ensuring the acquisition of foundational literacy and numeracy in the context of blended learning, making tech-enabled learning more inclusive, qualitative and collaborative, building capacities and promoting lifelong learning in the context of the future of work, strengthening research and fostering innovation through enhanced collaboration and partnerships.

The outcomes will serve as a guide to the international community, directing collaborative efforts to guarantee inclusive and high-quality digital education.