Fujitsu discovers malware on multiple work computers, potentially exposing customer data

The company warned customers of a potential data breach caused by malware on their office computers, prompting an internal investigation.

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Image credit: Fujitsu

Fujitsu, the Japanese technology giant, has issued a cautionary note to its clientele, alerting them to a potential breach in which hackers deployed malware across several computers within the company’s premises.

Fujitsu disclosed in a statement released on Friday that they had initiated an investigation into the matter.

‘Upon detecting the presence of malware, we swiftly disconnected the affected business systems and implemented additional measures, including bolstering monitoring across our network,’ the company stated. ‘Furthermore, our ongoing efforts include a thorough probe into the nature of the malware intrusion and the extent of any potential data compromise.’

Regarding specifics of the intrusion timeline or the data compromised, the company remained silent, stating that they ‘uncovered the potential unauthorised extraction of files containing personal and customer information.’

Individuals impacted by the breach have been personally contacted through Japan’s Personal Information Protection Commission.

Ranked as the sixth largest IT firm globally in terms of annual revenue, with revenue exceeding $24 billion in 2022 and a workforce exceeding 120,000 globally, Fujitsu holds a prominent position in the tech industry.

This isn’t the first encounter Fujitsu has had with cybersecurity issues. In 2021, their ProjectWEB enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform was subjected to a shutdown after hackers exploited it to breach numerous Japanese government entities, including the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Cabinet Secretariat, and Narita Airport.