FTC takes action to prevent AI risks

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will enforce a law to curb the risks of artificial intelligence by focusing on AI transparency, accountability, and fairness.

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The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has pledged to enforce laws to reduce the risks posed by artificial intelligence, Chair of the Federal Trade Commission Lina Khan. In her first public remarks since being sworn in as FTC Chair, Lina Khan said the agency would be vigilant about the impacts of AI and machine learning (ML) on consumer privacy, competition, and security. She added that the agency has a responsibility to scrutinise the use of AI and ML to ensure they do not discriminate against consumers or violate their privacy rights. 

Khan, who has previously criticised tech giants for their market dominance, also urged the agency to take a tougher stance against monopolies, stating that large tech firms’ influence on the market has expanded in recent years. The FTC’s enforcement of AI regulation comes amid growing scrutiny of the technology, particularly in regards to facial recognition, which has faced criticisms of being inaccurate and potentially discriminatory.