FTC Chair pushing for more safeguards to protect children’s data online

FTC Chair Lina Khan is advocating for increased measures to safeguard children’s online data, focusing on enforcing existing privacy laws and scrutinizing social media algorithms targeting young users, amid growing concerns following recent revelations about social media’s impact on children.

The head of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Lina Khan in a press conference has shared that FTC is working to create more stringent policies to protect the privacy of children online. This includes enforcement of a long-standing law governing kids’ online privacy and looking at the  algorithms used by social media platforms targeting young users.

This comes in the backdrop of rising concern over the impact of social media on kids after the revelations of Frances Haugen, a former Facebook data scientist, followed by the grilling of executives from YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat by Senators in the US over safety measures for young users on their platforms.