Frontier Communications responds to FTC lawsuit

According to a news report, Frontier Communications has responded to a lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of the U.S. in collaboration with law enforcement agencies of six states. The legal action alleged that Frontier sold several internet plans and charged consumers amounts far below the advertised speeds for their internet products. However in their preliminary response to the lawsuit, Frontier stated that the lawsuit was without merit and the charge statements contained baseless allegations, overstates any possible monetary harm to Frontier’s customers and disregards important facts’. The response noted that the suit failed to take into consideration that;

  1. Frontier provides service to rural areas with difficult terrain, sparsely populated making it difficult to serve consumers efficiently.
  2. Frontier’s rural DSL internet has been well received by customers and has retained many satisfied clients over the years.
  3. Frontier’s DSL Internet speeds have been clearly and accurately articulated and defined in the Company’s marketing materials and disclosures and the company has gone at length to meet the speeds promised to their customers.