French Senate’s website taken down by pro-Russian hacktivists

The NoName collective emerged shortly after the start of the Ukraine war and targets governments, media and other entities in the EU and US.


The website of the French Senate was taken down by NoName, a pro-Russian hacktivist collective specialising in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. The reason cited was France providing support to Ukraine.

The taken-down French Senate’s website displayed a message stating, ‘Error: We’re experiencing technical problems’. Acknowledging the French Senate stated on its Twitter account, ‘Access to the Senate’s website has been disrupted this morning. Our team is working to remedy the malfunctions. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.’

In a statement posted on its Telegram Channel, NoName stated ‘We read in the media that France is working with Ukraine on a new “aid” package, which may include weapons […] and, without thinking twice, we crashed the website of the French Senate.’ As per the post, the group has targeted several French organisations, including the National Centre for Space Studies and Naval Group and a French industrial group specialising in naval defence manufacturing.