Freedom of online speech discussions

Freedom of online speech is being actively discussed in conjunction with current events involving extremist views and events, such as the recent Charlottesville and Boston USA demonstrations. Positions vary widely, from the US National Review’s Journalists Overreach in Their Quest to Purge ‘Hate’ from the Web to The Washington Post’s Silicon Valley Escalates its War on White supremacy Despite Free Speech Concerns but include overlapping arguments. White supremacists are the target of Mashable’s We’ve Crossed the Free Speech Rubicon. As this cartoon from XKCD from April 2014 illustrates, this is not a new topic but is currently an issue under serious discussion. From a technical analysis viewpoint, Measuring the Internet for Freedom describes a tool being used to explore the extent of censorship and blocking. Techcrunch describes What Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Others are Doing to Tackle Hate Speech.

Right to Free Speech Cartoon from XKCD