Freedom House launches the Freedom On The Net 2021 report

The Freedom House has published the 2021 edition of the Freedom On The Net report with seven key findings.

  • There is a global internet freedom decline for the 11th consecutive year with greatest deteriorations in countries such as Myanmar, Belarus and Uganda.
  • Governments and technology companies clashed on user’s rights with at least 48 countries pursuing new rules for tech companies on content, data, and competition.
  • Freedom of expression is under unprecedented attack with more governments arresting citizens for nonviolent political, social, or religious speech than ever before.
  • States interventions in the forms of regulations are necessary to protect human rights online and preserve an open internet.
  • China has ranked as the worst environment for internet freedom for seven consecutive years with COVID-19 pandemic remaining one of the most heavily censored topics.
  • The score of the United States declined for the 5th consecutive year with false, misleading and manipulated information continuing to dominate online discourse and even affecting public acceptance of the 2020 presidential elections result.