The fourth edition of the Inclusive Internet Index 2020 is released

Facebook commissioned the Economist’s Intelligence Unit for the fourth year to produce the Inclusive Internet Index 2020 which assesses the performance of 100 countries in four categories of inclusion: accessibility, affordability, relevance, and readiness. The 2020 edition focuses on the digital economy with special attention to how thousands of individuals from around the world use the Internet. On top of the 2020 findings are a) Internet access is increasing globally, but vast disparities remain and the rate of uptake is slowing in the hardest-to-reach areas; b) mobile data has been a game-changer for lower-income groups, but access is still too expensive; c) although narrowing, the gender gap in access remains stubbornly wide, particularly in low- and lower-middle-income countries; d) the Internet is facilitating people’s management of their money and finances and their inclusion in the broader economy; and e) people are going online to prepare for the technology-intensive jobs of tomorrow.