FCC explores spectrum sharing approaches for the 42 GHz spectrum band

The FCC launched an inquiry to explore cutting-edge spectrum sharing solutions in the 42 GHz range, which may inform future spectrum management practices and benefit smaller cellular service providers.

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) initiated an inquiry on 8 June 2023, aiming to explore advanced solutions for spectrum sharing in the 42 GHz range encompassing 500 megahertz. This comprehensive examination of sharing models in the high-band spectrum holds the potential to guide future applications of sharing models in spectrum management and establish best practices for utilising this particular frequency range. This research is especially valuable for smaller cellular service providers, who can benefit from insights on effectively utilising this limited and highly sought-after resource.

By focusing on innovative approaches to spectrum sharing, the FCC acknowledges the pressing need to address the scarcity of airwaves amidst the growing demand for cellular services. In this context, the FCC proposes the exploration of a cutting-edge, non-exclusive spectrum access model for this untapped ‘greenfield’ spectrum, which offers an ideal environment for experimentation due to the limited number of current license holders.