FCC creates US Cyber Trust Mark for IoT devices

This initiative aims to help consumers make informed choices, identify reliable products, and encourage manufacturers to maintain higher cybersecurity standards.

Padlock, keys and laptop keyboard. Cyber security concept

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved the establishment of a voluntary cybersecurity labelling program for wireless consumer Internet of Things (IoT) products. The program will involve a ‘US Cyber Trust Mark’ on qualifying products meeting robust cybersecurity standards.

 Armor, Shield, Logo
The Proposed US Cyber Trust Mark. Credit: FCC

This initiative aims to aid consumers in making informed purchasing decisions, distinguish trustworthy products, and incentivise manufacturers to uphold higher cybersecurity standards.

Key highlights include the inclusion of a QR code accompanying the label for easy access to security details, public-private collaboration for oversight, compliance testing by accredited labs, and eligibility for various consumer IoT products like home security cameras and fitness trackers.

Additionally, the FCC seeks public input on potential disclosure requirements related to national security concerns and data handling.

With the rapid growth of IoT devices and increasing cybersecurity threats, this program seeks to enhance consumer confidence and trust in IoT technology through collaboration between the public and private sectors.