Faulty undersea cables in Vietnam to be fixed by end of June

By the end of June, all of Vietnam’s faulty undersea cables are set to be repaired, according to the Vietnam Telecommunications Authority (VNTA).

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The Vietnam Telecommunications Authority (VNTA) has announced that two malfunctioning undersea internet cables would be repaired in May 2023, with another scheduled for repair in June.

According to internet service providers who reported to the VNTA, the IA and SMW3 undersea cables have already been repaired as of 3 May 2023 and are now functioning normally. Two other cables – AAE-1 and AAG – will be fixed this month, while the APG cable is set to be repaired in June.

The Ministry of Information and Communications has instructed businesses to collaborate with consortium members in resolving the cable issues. Vietnam’s internet service providers have implemented various measures to ensure stable international connections, such as regulating data flow and procuring data through land routes.

The VNTA anticipates the installation of 4-6 new undersea cables in Vietnam by 2030, in addition to the current five cables connecting the country to the rest of the world.