Facial recognition law adopted by the state of Washington

Washington State of the USA has adopted a Law Concerning the Use of Facial Recognition Services, which includes the most detailed regulations of facial recognition in the USA and potentially serves as a model for other states. The law will take effect in July 2020. It allows government agencies to use facial recognition technology (FRT), with restrictions designed to ensure the technology is not deployed for broad surveillance or tracking without cause. This includes the use of FRT to locate and identify missing and deceased persons, as well as in cases of emergency. The government agencies are subject to accountability procedures when using FRT.

However, many claim that the law is deeply flawed. The American Civil Liberties Union of Washington has voiced strong concerns about the scope, accountability, and enforcement  of the law. Another criticism lies in the fact that the law was publicly supported by Microsoft and sponsored by State Senator Joe Nguyen, who is a current Microsoft employee.