Facebook removes numerous pages and accounts due to misleading behaviour

11 Oct 2018

Facebook removed 559 pages and 251 accounts of alternative media pages due to ‘coordinated inauthentic behaviour’. Some of these pages included ‘Anti-media’, the ‘Thought Free Project’ and accounts that were monitoring police brutality (e.g. ‘Cop Block’ and ‘Police the Police’). Moreover, also the personal Facebook accounts of the administrators of such pages were cancelled. Facebook declared that the decision is motivated by the pages’ behaviour rather than their content, namely posting clickbaits and creating multiple fake profiles through which the content was distributed. Some of the owners of these pages have rejected Facebook’s claim.

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One of the main sociocultural issues is content policy, often addressed from the standpoints of human rights (freedom of expression and the right to communicate), government (content control), and technology (tools for content control). Discussions usually focus on three groups of content:


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