Evrotrust’s eID program becomes Bulgaria’s official digital identity system and plans to expand

The program has been chosen by the Bulgarian Council of Ministers and validated by the European Commission. This recognition opens doors for expansion into Romania’s market.

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Evrotrust’s eID program has become Bulgaria’s official digital identity system, as determined by Bulgaria’s Council of Ministers. The European Commission’s Cooperation Network has also validated Evrotrust, making it an approved provider for the EU member states. 

Bulgaria’s eID allows residents to digitally verify their identity for various public services like taxes, pensions, education, and healthcare. This decision aligns with the European Regulation (EU) 910/2014 (eIDAS), which requires each EU member state to establish its own electronic identification scheme. 

Evrotrust received a positive boost when it secured a 2.5 million Euros pre-seed investment from the Bulgarian Development Bank in February 2022, leading to plans for further expansion and a significant increase in its workforce by 2030. Evrotrust’s official recognition also opens up opportunities for entering the Romanian market, as Romania is implementing its national digital identity system called ROeID, supported by the EU funding of around $22 million.