EU’s goal for technological independence: industry chief urges building cutting-edge computer chips

EU’s industry chief Thierry Breton emphasises Europe’s goal to fulfil the need to develop cutting-edge computer chips to reduce dependence on foreign supplies. By investing in research, innovation, and production capacity, the EU aims to become a leading player in the global chip market.

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In an effort to reduce Europe’s dependence on foreign chip supplies, European Union (EU) industry chief Thierry Breton emphasised the need for the EU to develop its own cutting-edge computer chips, following the launch of European Chips Act. Breton stressed that secure and advanced chip manufacturing is crucial for Europe’s digital sovereignty and economic growth. The EU’s goal is to ensure that Europe becomes a leading player in the global chip market by investing in research, innovation, and production capacity. 

Breton also emphasised the importance of building partnerships with industry leaders and collaborating with member states to achieve this objective. The EU’s strategy aligns with the growing global demand for semiconductors and the need to enhance chip manufacturing capabilities to address supply chain vulnerabilities. By building a robust and competitive chip industry, the EU aims to strengthen its technological independence and drive innovation across various sectors, including automotive, healthcare, telecommunications, and artificial intelligence.