European Data Protection Board sets up ChatGPT Task Force

EU’s ChatGPT task force will address privacy, security, and jobs aspects of ChatGPT and other AI technologies.

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The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has set up a task force on ChatGPT, the fastest-growing consumer application in history, with more than 100 million monthly active users. The task force was set up in response to the potential threats posed by ChatGPT to safety, privacy and jobs, and to foster cooperation and exchange information on possible enforcement actions conducted by data protection authorities. Additionally, the task force will create general policies that are transparent.

Italy has taken unilateral action to curb ChatGPT, and Spain’s AEPD watchdog has launched a preliminary investigation into potential data breaches by ChatGPT. The EDPB is in favour of creating a common policy on setting privacy rules on artificial intelligence and creating general policies that are transparent.

Experts, U.S. government and several other European governments have also expressed concern about the rapid growth of the adoption of ChatGPT and similar AI products.