European Commission presents draft regulation to enhance transparency in the short-term rental sector

European Commission presented a proposal for a regulation regarding short-term accommodation rental services.

 On 7 November 2022, the European Commission presented a proposal for a regulation on data collection and sharing, relating to short-term accommodation rental services such as Airbnb,, and Expedia.

Among other elements, the proposed regulation aims to:

• Harmonise registration requirements for hosts and their properties when such requirements are introduced by national authorities. These requirements would need to be fully online and user-friendly.

• Clarify rules to ensure that online platforms facilitate the displaying of host registration numbers and that they randomly check whether hosts register and display the correct numbers.

• Simplify data sharing between online platforms and public authorities. Once a month, online platforms would have to share data regarding the number of rented nights and guests with public authorities.

• Allow the reuse of data in aggregate form, to support the development of innovative tourism-related services.

• Establish an effecrive framework of implementation.

The European Parliament and Council will discuss the proposal. Once the regulation is adopted, EU member States will have two years to establish the necessary mechanisms for implementation.