European Commission plans for ensuring cross-border portability of online content and for modernising EU copyright rules

The European Commission published today a proposal for a Regulation on ensuring cross-border portability of online content services in the internal market. The proposed legislation is meant to ensure that subscribers to online content services in the European Union, when temporarily present in a member state, can access and use these services. Therefore, a provider of an online content service will have the obligation to enable a subscriber  to access and use the  respective service when the subscriber is temporarily in a EU country other than his/her country of residence. Otherwise said, when travelling across the EU, users will have access to their music, films and games as if they were at home.

The Commission also published an action plan for a “modern EU copyright framework”. The plan is built around four pillars: widening access to content across the EU, exceptions to copyright rules for an innovative and inclusive society, creating a fairer market place and fighting piracy. 

Details on both proposals are available in the official press release