European Commission forms experts groups on AI and liability and new technologies

9 Mar 2018

The European Commission has announced plans to form two expert groups in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and liability and new technologies, and has launched two calls for experts to join these groups  The High-Level Expert Group on AI will be tasked with supporting the implementation of a European strategy on AI, to be presented by the Commission in the coming months. It will also act as the steering group for the European AI Alliance, which the Commissions plans to set up as a multistakeholder forum for discussions on AI developments and its impact on the economy and society.  In addition, the Group will provide recommendations to the Commission on how to address mid to long-term AI-related challenges and opportunities, and will propose a set of AI ethics guidelines. The Expert Group on liability and new technologies will examine whether existing EU legislation in the area of product liability is suitable for new technologies such as AI, advanced robotics, and the IoT. It will also assist the Commission in developing principles that could serve as guidelines for adapting applicable EU and national laws to new technologies.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) includes a wide range of Internet-connected devices, from highly digitalised cars, home appliances (e.g. fridges), and smart watches, to digitalised clothes that can monitor health. IoT devices are often connected in wide-systems, typically described as 'smart houses' or 'smart cities'.

Historically, telecommunications, broadcasting, and other related areas were separate industry segments; they used different technologies and were governed by different regulations.


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