European Commission awards Spanish telecom company Cellnex six projects for 5G infrastructure deployment across cross-border corridors

The European Commission has awarded Spanish telecommunications company Celnex six projects for the deployment of 5G infrastructure across cross-border transport corridors.

Four projects will involve works covering two road corridors linking Spain with France (Barcelona – Montpellier/Toulouse and Bilbao – Bordeaux) and two corridors linking Spain with Portugal (Salamanca – Porto – Vigo and Mérida – Évora). Cellnex plans to work with mobile operators to deploy 34 new telecommunication sites, with the overall goal of providing 5G connectivity to over 1,400km of the four cross-border corridors.

These projects are part of the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF-2) Digital programme and will represent an overall investment of €24 million, 50% of which is to be financed by the European Commission.