EU-US workshop explores AI and Digital Twins for climate change adaptation

With a focus on utilising digital twins as a policy tool for evidence-based decision-making, the workshop marked a significant milestone in EU-US collaboration on cutting-edge technologies.

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EU and US representatives held an online workshop to discuss important topics related to AI and Digital Twins for climate change adaptation. The workshop, which took place on June 26 and 27, was organised in the context of the recently signed EU-US Administrative Arrangement on AI. 

It provided a platform for policymakers, scientists, and researchers to share knowledge and ideas, focusing on the potential of digital twins as a policy tool to harness the power of AI for decision-making based on evidence.

They emphasised collaboration, identified mutual interests, and discussed concrete objectives. The workshop marked a milestone in EU-US cooperation on cutting-edge technologies for addressing climate change adaptation. 

During the workshop, participants discussed four main topics: data access, usage, and exchange; compute resources for AI/Digital Twins; collaboration on AI/Digital Twins frameworks and software tools; and ensuring the public good. They recognised the need for a community of practice and comprehensive collaboration on data, models, and communication. The next steps reflect joint efforts between the EU and the US, demonstrating global cooperation on a significant challenge.