EU-US alliance deepens collaboration on AI within TTC framework

EU & US ramp up collaboration on AI within the TTC framework, focusing on generative AI risks & mitigation. While EU enforces binding regulations, US opts for federal guidelines with states enacting their own laws.

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The EU and US are strengthening their collaboration on AI within the Trade and Technology Council (TTC) framework. Parties are engaged in discussions concerning AI risks and mitigation strategies, with a specific emphasis on generative AI. The draft statement for the forthcoming sixth ministerial meeting of the TTC details plans for sustained cooperation, including the establishment of a cooperation agreement between the newly established AI offices in both regions aimed at developing an evaluation framework for generative AI. Furthermore, there are considerations for implementing a feedback mechanism involving stakeholders from both jurisdictions to enhance the TTC cooperation forum. This collaboration extends beyond AI to encompass joint research in various fields such as extreme weather, energy, and emergency response.

Why does this matter?

Despite differences in regulatory approaches between the EU and US, their efforts to establish common definitions and frameworks for evaluating AI technologies can promote regulatory harmonization. This can facilitate smoother international trade and collaboration in the AI sector.